Welcome! You are not alone.

There are hundreds of thousands of you, probably millions.

If only you could band together in your places of work, you would not even need a lawyer’s help.

But here we are, in the midst of spiritual warfare, seemingly outmatched by the relentless press of falsehood and deception.

You are here because you need relief from the fear and anguish of the mandates. Need a religious exemption or need help because your religious exemption was rejected.

You can read our position paper here on religious exemptions in general. They are part of the problem.

You can watch me speak about religious exemptions here:

Essentially, these mandates are being used to set up an inquisition of your religious beliefs. And even if you pass the inquisition, the exemptions are at some companies only short exemptions like six months.

You do need to know your rights and you do need to stand up for your rights. Win or lose it is the only noble way to live. And we need to show by example to our children how an upright human being conducts himself and herself.

We can help you as follows:

1) Our membership legal news and action network.

2) You put together your own group of plaintiffs and we represent you.

3) You apply for legal fee funding from our generous donors.