When the result really counts, you can count on us.
Like you, we’re never eager to rush into litigation, and will only pursue this course if it’s in your best interests. At every stage, we’ll sit down with you and evaluate the risks and benefits of litigation. Serving as litigation attorneys on your behalf, we believe that a thorough up-front analysis is worth the time, effort and money. This approach also helps you keep litigation costs down by understanding the cost projections for each next step.

We have taken on and prevailed against some of the biggest litigation law firms in the country. Our smaller size gives us agility, while the depth of our team’s experience and dedication means we can handle lengthy and detailed engagements.

Your best interests guide our every move. 

Some of the matters we have represented:
• Partnership disputes and litigation

• Constitutional litigation

• Estate litigation
• Investor-side claims for breach of investment agreements
• Contract disputes• Recovery of assets from former partners

• Wrongful termination and defamation

• Toxic mold defense for multi-unit apartment complexes

We have represented clients throughout the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, California, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

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