Family Office Sustainability

As a family office, or a representative of a family office, you face the unique challenge of finding balance between family interests and business concerns. With our wealth of experience, we can guide you through the four critical challenges that face all family offices:
•  Stewarding the change of guard from the founders to the next generation;
•  Setting up a workable framework between generations to encourage wealth

•  Vetting and monitoring rules of engagement for service providers; and
•  Successful direct investing, including goal-setting, negotiations, due diligence, deal closure, follow-up, managing relationships with co-investors and investment managers, along with successful exit strategies. This includes charting investment strategies for the next generations pursuing investments outside the family office’s traditional focus.

We often meet with clients who arrive at our doorstep in distress. A few situations we have handled for our clients’ family offices include:
• A patriarch who entered into many deals with self-drafted agreements or merely, “understandings,” leaving the next generation’s financial picture in disarray;
• A widow seeking to recover a building owned by her late husband , while his partners denied that he had ever had an interest in the building;

• A next-generation leader with a myriad of advisors, needing someone to quarterback the team, offer second opinions, and vet new additions to the team.

In our experience, only a prescient few family leaders seek legal advice in advance of a crisis, and many don’t anticipate these needs at all ahead of time. We’re happy to meet with you, at no charge and with no commitment, to offer our assessment of your family office’s big picture and discuss your plans and goals for the future.

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