Why The Next Few Days
Will Determine If You
Will Live Free or Die

Life-or-Death Decisions 
Are Being Made For You
By Unelected Government Bureaucrats.

But together, we can AVERT 
the horrible future that awaits us…
IF we act NOW!
It does not give me any pleasure to tell you the bad news I'm going to reveal to you in this letter.
Quite the contrary.
But I also want to tell you there is HOPE that we still have time to make a DIFFERENCE in the frightening outcome that's facing us.
Let me start at the beginning…
For almost a year now, every single person in the world has felt the mind-boggling effects of COVID-19 – the "catastrophic virus" that was going to be the "end of life on earth as we know it."
As I have warned from the beginning, COVID-19 is not the real threat.
No. The greater threat comes from governments
having the power to control every aspect of our lives. 
As you know, the government now tells us who can travel… who can work… who can live and die – even the when and the how.
We are now living in a time of "Medical Martial Law" (MML) from the top down. 
Every sphere of our lives has been invaded by a well-organized propaganda operation designed to deeply implant FEAR into every person's psyche and soul… to the point where "compliance" becomes a daily habit, and "resistance" is unthinkable.
The "mask mandate" has permeated our culture and daily life, resulting in a disturbing form of "muscle memory" that makes people behave submissively.
All of this is for a reason. A very sinister reason.
That's why I'm writing to you today…
In the next few days, my legal team and I will be filing lawsuits, your generous support permitting, against the latest authoritarian and totalitarian directive that is now decreed by the "public health" agency affecting all Americans.
But I need your help to make this happen.
As you know, legal battles are costly and time-consuming. My law office is 100% behind this effort to take a stand and put our foot down – before it's too late.
And my background in science makes me uniquely qualified to take on this fight. (More on that later.)
First I want to point out one thing…
The COVID-19 pandemic has had one goal – to get our consent for the government to make nearly all our decisions for us.
No votes. No options. Just an assumed "new normal."  
The statistics (from a one-year data sample spanning multiple nations and cultures) clearly expose the "COVID-19 PANDEMIC" (regardless of its true origins) as an over-blown manufactured "crisis" that makes you think only public health and government officials can save you.
In other words, it's been a propaganda war – with self-serving politicians and bureaucrats quickly grabbing unprecedented (and unconstitutional) powers that would have been unthinkable under any other circumstances.
To put it bluntly, the "War On COVID" has been a war on us.
The people are the target. Not the virus.
It's a "control" mechanism that was planned long ago, and it's working brilliantly.
That's why we need to STOP IT before it's too late.
And as I said, I'm leading the legal challenge to fight the "COVID-ocracy" in court, while we still can.
Worse Than Communism?
Due to the government's over-reaction to COVID-19, people around the world have been conditioned – through social pressure – to submit to the absolute worst dictatorial directives that would never have been acceptable or even remotely entertained by people prior to the "COVID-19" outbreak of 2020.
No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you have to (by now) realize that most – if not all – of the hysteriawe've experienced was solely whipped-up by public health media sensationalism and fear-mongering.
Well, it's high time to expose the blatant MENDACITY.
And to do that, I need your help…
You see, the "Public Health" authorities (from the World Health Organization on down) are moving boldly – and with extreme audacity – in their efforts to "remake" the world according to their own desired outcome.  Your local favorite doctor doesn't even realize what he is promoting.
Basically, they want a centrally-planned world where "Public Health" is the highest good. Indeed, it will be the "New Morality" that dictates all laws, economies, and our personal lives.
It's a "Brave New World" that no one can challenge – because
who in their right mind would be against "public health"?
It's the ultimate "gotcha" – but I'm not willing to go down without a fight.
Right now, we need to prepare a STRONG and TRUE RESISTANCE to this horrible plan.
We need to stand up and put forth a defense of TRUTH against the DECEPTION that engulfs our world today. 
And I firmly believe that if we act in time, we can WIN this epic war that could quite possibly go down as the most important fight in modern history.
We – you and I – are people of faith.
We believe in the G-d of the Torah.., the Bible… the Sacred Scriptures where G-d revealed Himself to mankind.
And even if you're not so sure about what you believe, I'm sure you don't want to live under a "public health" dictatorship or "medical tyranny" of any kind.
What's Our Plan?
Very simply, we need to focus on one of the most egregious forms of overreach we're seeing right now by the "Public Health" tyrants.
They're out to restrict everybody's ability to TRAVEL – internationally and domestically.
This is exactly what every dictatorship does – and we need only look at Red China, North Korea, and similar regimes to see it in real time.
Our plan is to file lawsuits objecting to these unconstitutional restrictions on the basic freedoms of the American people.
We aim to STOP the 'fiat' control by the government over the lives and bodies of our fellow Americans.
That abuse of power IS the danger we face – 
more dangerous than any virus.
Travel restrictions are already in place.
And they are receiving almost NO opposition or resistance.
That's where we come in.
With the powerful legal strategy my team and I are creating, we can stop this abuse of power in its tracks.
Here are the specifics of what we're up against – in case you haven't kept up with it…
The CDC's Latest Order
On January 12, 2021, the CDC issued a press release announcing a new Order that requires all travelers to the USA to have a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of flight – or proof of recovery.
When I called the CDC for a copy of the order, they referred me back to the press release and then promised to send me a copy of the order… but never did. It was not published in the Federal Register on January 15, even though documents later than January 12 were included in that issue.  
I finally tracked it down in the unpublished January 21st Federal Register. 
Proof of recovery is very specific: the traveler must have tested positive within 90 days of the flight and have a letter from a doctor that he is cleared for travel.
That means if you had COVID-19 in 2020 before November, it won't help you and you can't travel to the United States without a new negative test.  There is no exemption for those who have had the genetic code injection.
We must and CAN stop the implementation of this order.
The Irregularities in the Order
The CDC does NOT have the authority to bar people from the United States. 
The CDC is using the compliant airline companies, who now essentially exist only because of the good graces of the government financial bailouts. In fact, the airlines are actively lobbying for these rules – thinking that it will encourage more travel and therefore more business.
A United States citizen always has 
a right to return to the United States 
at any time and in any condition.
The regulatory framework is faulty to the extent that it allows the CDC to bypass all regulatory procedures and commentary and oversight.
Remember: the CDC is barring both unhealthy and healthy people.
The order does not reference a single scientific publication or study to support its conclusions, and is mostly based on speculation about the significance of "new" "strains" of COVID-19.
It's basically a bunch of free assertions. And as we know, 'that which is freely asserted is freely denied.'
However, we have solid counter-arguments on our side – all scientifically based, with rigorous statistical analysis to prove our point that COVID-19 is nowhere near a justification for abolishing people's basic rights and freedoms.
Now we need your help to launch a proper legal fight against this frightening power grab.
We cannot allow this improper order to stand.
Many more will be imposed if we don't stop this one.
And so I must ask you – because I have no one else to turn to – will you pitch in and be a part of our legal battle against the new "COVID-ocracy"?
So much is riding on just 
this one aspect of where our country – 
and our world – are heading.
That's why a brave non-profit is accepting donations to the Legal Fund.
Your donation today will help pay for all our expenses – research, depositions, filings, court time, compensation, etc.
We're prepared to go "all in" on this fight – because we clearly see where it's all going if we don't stop it now.
I firmly believe we can WIN our case against the CDC's unconstitutional and unlawful order to restrict the freedom of movement of American citizens.
Nobody else is taking up this fight – which is why I'm counting on you to help us out with a donation that will help make a difference.
Your tax-deductible donation of $100… $250… $500… even $1,000 or more will be put to use immediately in our time-sensitive case against the CDC.
All you have to do is click here and you'll be taken to our secure donation page.
Every little bit counts, so please don't hesitate to give what you can.
G-d is testing us at this time. He wants to know if we are ready to be a free people, or if we're rejecting the blessings He bestows upon His people.
Your decision now will help make a difference.
I've personally been involved in this fight since my days at UC Berkeley, working in the microbiology lab of one of the brightest minds in virology – Prof. Harry Rubin.
What he taught me about viruses is actually more relevant today than it was in the 1990's when I studied with him.
I've also been involved in legal battles to get the truth about viruses to the American people.
Everything from the past is now "grist for the mill" – and I'm confident that my legal team and I have a perfect case that will STOP the CDC's illegal usurpation of power.
This is our only chance to stop this juggernaut of injustice.
Will you help?
We can't do it without you.
So please consider giving $100… $250… $500… or $1,000 or more if you can do so.
Smaller gifts are also welcome, because "we're all in this together" (to borrow a popular phrase).
G-d does not want us to become slaves to a Medical Tyranny – but that's where we're headed if we don't succeed in fighting the CDC at this crucial time.
I thank you, in advance, for whatever you can give toward this worthy cause.
I will keep you updated on our progress, and I know you'll be glad you made the decision to help.
May G-d bless you for your unselfish charity in this time of impending disaster.
With blessings to you and your family,
E. David Smith, Esq.
P.S.     When we receive your donation, we will send you a special report outlining our 10-Point Legal Strategy for stopping the takeover of America and the world by the Public Health Tyrants.
            There is so much to tell you that I can't go into here.
            But rest assured, when you read this report, you'll understand why my organization, SaveOurFreedoms.orgcan do this
My legal team and I have the knowledge and experience to wage war – in the law courts and in the court of public opinion – to STOP the "excuse" in its tracks and restore TRUTH to the world of public health, public policy, and public life.
You can do your part in this fight by donating to our Legal Defense Fund.
Click here now to make your tax-deductible contribution today.
Without you, we can do nothing.
If you prefer to mail a check, you can print out and return this convenient Reply Form with your check.  Ensure that your email software is loading images so you can see the form.

Be well,

E. David Smith
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